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Young Driver Insurance

Finding Young Drivers Insurance The Easy Way

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Information About Young Drivers Car Insurance

If you have young children you are probably dreading the moment they get a driver’s license for several reasons, not the least of which is its impact on your car insurance quotes. Young drivers are unproven and statistically more likely to be in an accident, and this statistic is even slightly higher for teenage boys.Young drivers car insurance

How it Works with Insurance Companies

You see car insurance underwriters spend a lot of time and money on loss risk assessment, the higher the risk they will be paying on a policy and the more expensive that policy is going to be. It is not uncommon for parents to face premiums in excess of £200 per month, just for liability!

The good news is there are a few things you can do to lower the costs.

Driving Lessons After You Pass at 17 or 18+

Does your local high school or civic organisation offer new driver classes? Successfully completing a driver’s education course can have a positive impact on your car insurance quotes.

Check with the school guidance counsellor or even your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DVLA) for more information on available classes, cost and requirements. When your student can show they have a good grasp on safe driving skills you will see a difference in your insurance prices.

Pass Plus is a good course if you are interested.

Do Grades Matter?

Some insurance companies will offer better car insurance quotes for students who maintain a specific grade point average. This again goes back to risk assessment, students who work hard on their studies are considered more responsible and less likely to be involved in an at-fault car accident. Ask your current agent if they can provide any savings based on GPA, if not you may want to shop around for a company that can.

Most companies offer discounts but a lot don’t so it’s best to get multiple quotes first by clicking here.

Monitoring Devices Like Black Boxes

Young drivers insurance

It is still new technology but there are monitoring devices that select companies are using to offer cheaper car insurance quotes. Similar to the little black box in aeroplanes these devices track sudden braking, acceleration and other unsafe driving practices. The better you drive the cheaper your insurance policy will be. These may not provide instant savings on your policy but are worth checking into, especially when insuring young drivers.

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Voluntary & Compulsory Excess Insurance

If you can raise your voluntary excess, you may be able to save a good amount of money on car insurance for young drivers with this one action. When the vehicle the young driver is driving has an insignificant value it is and can be a smart move to pay a higher voluntary excess if you see this option good for you.

Of course, if they are driving mum or dad’s brand new car to college or work you probably want to use other options for reducing costs like black box insurance options.

Conclusion for Young Drivers Insurance

There are several ways you can lower car insurance rates for teenagers and young drivers, however, if you have tried all of the above and still cannot bring your premiums within the budget you may have to exclude your teen from driving.

This is especially true if they have a bad driving record already. Young driver insurance is astronomically high without driving experience, and when they have points on their license.

It is ridiculed the price of insurance but that’s the way it is.

Allow no driving privileges to be a natural consequence of their bad driving. Perhaps the best thing you can do to save money is talk candidly with your insurance company; they can and most times will look for every possible deduction they can offer you.

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