Office Contents Insurance

office contents insurance

Office Contents Insurance

The Importance of Office Contents Insurance for Any Business

Office contents insurance is becoming a very important part of running a business with supporting offices. Insuring the contents of your business premises is essential in protecting your company from any unforeseen event that might have a serious impact on your office.

For instance, a fire can cause huge structural damage to the office building, can obliterate thousands of pounds worth of computer equipment and can make you lose tens of thousands of pounds. Hence the importance of having office content insurance.

Why Office Contents Insurance?

It is extremely important that your company office premises are insured against fires, theft or other disastrous situations. Office insurance works similar to home insurance. In addition to building insurance, you should insure the contents, fixtures, and shop front and stock.

Of course, you have probably made a significant investment by purchasing an office for your business, but what use can it be if it is not insured? You can lose 10 times more by not insuring it than by paying a monthly insurance tax. The insurance policy can cover anything from computer equipment and office contents insurance to employers’ and public liability. While a standard office insurance policy might not cover everything you need, you should look for a complete office insurance policy, which includes:

  • Business Interruption: this policy covers any loss in income in case you are unable to work from your standard business premises.
  • Material damage (including concrete and glass).
  • Employers’ liability (any claim that might arise to your employees).
  • Money insurance.
  • Public liability (accidental damage to an individual property or accidental injury)
  • Personal accident cover.
  • Legal expenses.

Content insurance: covers your office against any type of accidental damage such as fires, explosions, floods, storms or earthquakes. Additionally, your office premises are insured against theft and intrusion.

It is a proven fact that very few businesses have survived an incident or accident that destroyed their contents and premises, so insuring your office contents could prove a business-saving decision for many business owners. Some of the benefits you will have by insuring your content include:

  • Stay safe
  • Feel safe
  • Save money
  • Ensure that everything in your company goes by the book.

Things to look out for

Usually, you need to compare quotes and find the best insurance company out there. Take into account the following criteria when comparing the leading office insurers in the UK: experience, expertise, services, warranty, special offers and other details.

  • However, when you are looking for an insurer, you also need to keep the following things in mind:
  • The market value is different than the rebuild value on a building insurance.
  • Fittings and fixtures insurance cover only permanent, non-movable objects.
  • Office contents insurance covers only those items owned by you, which are found within the business premises.
  • You might be already covered by your rent, so make sure you aren’t, just in case you want to insure your office contents.

With so many insurers eager to help you, it is practically impossible not to find a long-term partner for your office insurance needs. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities and enjoy a stress-free work environment by capitalizing on a great office insurance offer.

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