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Finding Good HGV Insurance or Lorry and Truck Insurance

Even though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, you need to acknowledge the fact that if you’re looking for good HGV insurance, using a broker service or website like Right Price Insurance is probably your best bet nowadays. This is simply because you can compare a wide range of lorry insurance companies and insurance brokers in almost no time at all.

Understanding The Difference

This is of course of paramount importance because let’s face it; there’s a vast difference between insuring an HGV and insuring a regular lorry like a 7.5 tonne.

HGV vehicle insuranceA Bit About HGV’s and Insurance

As you no doubt already know, an HGV is basically a workhorse, so having the right insurance is very important as it is checked by transport companies before you get a contract. To a certain extent, one could say you require public liability insurance and HGV goods in transit insurance rolled into one. This, of course, makes purchasing insurance for HGV vehicles quite a complex procedure.

Well, it can be if you don’t have access to a website like this one here.

What’s Covered by an HGV Insurance Policy?

Just for a minute think about all the contents you currently have in your HGV, as it can add up to a few hundred thousand pounds. Goods in transit insurance will be and should be added to your HGV policy to cover lost goods in an accident. You’ve more than likely got several pallets of high-cost goods and a vast amount of liability to take into consideration, like TV’s, home entertainment systems, and goods belonging to supermarkets or other large brands.

Goods in Transit Insurance for HGV Vehicles

Goods in transit insurance include goods such as clothing, electrical equipment, foods and perfumes. Let’s face it, you simply cannot say that your HGV insurance is the same as an ordinary insurance, can you? With that in mind, you need to exercise a great deal of caution when the time comes for you to insure your company lorries and HGV’s with great insurance to cover everything you need.

What Does Insurance Company Look at in a Policy?

When it comes to insuring your HGV’s, your driver’s age can count against you. For example, in the UK you need to be at least 18 years old in order to obtain insurance. If your driver or employee has any convictions or speeding points, your insurance policy can be very costly or you may not get cover. If you can make sure they have a clean driving licence and have at least 5 to 10 years experience driver with another HGV company.

It does help you lower your costs and your liabilities.

Do You Want an HGV Policy, Nice n Cheap?

Look HGV cover is never going to be cheap, but by using out free comparison tools we can help you lower the cost and save you a lot of time looking around the place.

Compare HGV quotesThis is how it works…

You start by filling in a few details about your HGV vehicles and the company they are owned by. When you fill in the details and click the “Get Quotes” button, we’ll get to work and start by finding you better insurance costs.

Insurer Your HGV, Lorry or Trucks Cheaper

We work will major HGV insurers around the UK so you can be sure there’s a better deal on the table ready for you to take on and benefit from.

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