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How to Find Courier Insurance Your Business Can Afford

Finding the right courier insurance is easier than you think.

Searching here on Right Price Insurance for couriers insurance makes the process painless and easy. You should begin by determining the amount of coverage your business will require. A lower amount of coverage means a lower quote but can subject you to undue financial risk in the event of an accident or claim.

For instance…

If your van were to get into a crash and be ruined tomorrow, would you be able to replace it with the funds you have available? Or do you have the resources to get another courier van on the road?

Insurance for couriersWith the lowest level of coverage, third party only insurance, it won’t be a sure thing that you will receive compensation for damages to your vehicle since the third party only doesn’t cover damage incurred from crashing into street lights or losses from theft or fire. You should find a minimum level of coverage that is comfortable to you and begin your search from there.

Choosing comprehensive insurance for your courier business is very important if you want to stay in business for the long term.

The Perks of Insurance Companies

Thankfully, many insurance companies offer perks for safe drivers and for having anti-theft equipment on your vehicle, which can help you get the lowest courier insurance quote possible. One of the best ways to find a cheaper van insurance quote is to utilize your no claims bonuses and also protect it if you have that option in the policy.

If you’re not sure, just ask the insurance companies when you’re on the phone.

“Ask for no-claims bonus protection for your business.”

If you drive under an insurance policy for a period of time without filing any claims, you receive a no claims bonus and lowered premiums as a result, since you are a safe driver. These no claims bonuses accrue over time, so the longer you can go without an insurance claim, the lower your premiums will be.

Does No-Claims Transfer Over to a New Policy?

Thankfully, your no claim bonuses will transfer over to the new insurance company if you decide to switch providers. When combining the low rates offered to new customers and your existing no claims bonuses, you can obtain a very low business van insurance quote. Therefore, it always pays to drive safely and carefully.

Tell The Truth About Your No-Claims

When you are searching online for van insurance quotes, make sure you factor in the amount of no claims bonuses you have accrued when getting a prospective quote, since these are often the largest source of discounts.

What Discounts Are Available?

You can also find lower quotes by having an anti-theft device installed on your vans, such as an alarm or a steering wheel lock. These reduce the chances your vehicle will be stolen and will reduce premiums for insurance policies including theft coverage.

A tracker is also another good security option and some insurers insist on having an approved tracker fitted.

Insurance for couriersWhere You Park The Van at Night

You can also park your van in a locked garage at night, which prevents criminals from gaining access to it. Make sure you research the competence of your prospective insurer online before committing to writing a policy with them.

Some insurers will reduce your annual premium of you park the van out of sight at night because when it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.

Other Things to Note

Even if they have the lowest van insurance quote you can find, it will not be worth much when you find it impossible to contact a representative of the insurance company, or if their claims service is so slow it’s like not even having insurance at all. The internet is a great resource for consumer reports about insurance companies.

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Other businesses in your field who have that particular insurer can also give you relevant experiences or recommend a good insurer for you; ask them about what filing a claim with the insurance company is like and how expedient the company was in responding to the claim and compensating them for their losses.

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