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Convicted driver insurance comparison

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Convicted driver insurance is a nightmare for the driver because of the cost of your renewal but what can you do about it? Well, there is something you can do about it and we’ll show you how to find cheap insurance for convicted drivers the easy way.

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What’s The Bad News?

Driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence is going to have a negative effect on your car insurance quotes. You may actually find it difficult to obtain even the legal limits of liability without going through some extra steps.

Even then, it can be prohibitively expensive to get car insurance. That being said, there are a few things you should understand about drinking and driving offences and your vehicle insurance.

On the Record

Question: How long do convictions stay on your licence or your driving record?

Well, that depends on which DR you got at court. A DR10 can stay on your licence for 11 years but failing to produce a specimen can stay there for 4 years. If you are a resident of Ireland, you can plan on the offence staying on your driving record more or less the small, but while in Britain penalty points come off in three years as long as you do not keep getting points along the way like Veronica Guerin.

Compare convicted driver insurance quotesThese laws can and do change periodically so if you have just received a ticket for drinking and driving your first call will be the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Or the DVLA you’ll know better. If you want to know about convictions and the codes they come under you can visit this link.

Expect to Pay More for Convicted Driver Insurance

The next question most people have is how car insurance quotes are going to increase due to the DUI. This is another area that will vary depending on your car insurance company and other factors.

Often times your company will simply cancel your policy and refuse to insure you at all until a few years have passed, during which you receive no more infractions. If a company does offer you insurance you can expect to pay 30-50% more on your premiums.

Family Members on Your Policy

It is bad enough when you get done driving under the influence as that affects your insurance, but it is even worse when it is a family member who lives in your home and they are on your policy, that can cause the price to rise considerably.

You will now have to face the loss of insurance or higher premiums thanks to another’s irresponsibility. The options are limited when it comes to this situation, some insurance companies will allow you to exclude high-risk drivers which mean they will not be allowed to operate any vehicle covered by your insurance.

Ask your insurance company if you can obtain drink driver car insurance quotes based on an exclusion for drivers with DR10, DR20 or speeding convictions.

Compare drunk driver insurance quotes

Reporting Convictions

Convicted drivers insurance and points as you know can affect car insurance quotes if the company isn’t a specialist in convicted driver car insurance. There are times when convictions will not be discovered, either the insurer does not look hard enough or reporting from the court system is lagging.

If you do come across this it is in your best interests to let them know because they will find out when it’s time to make a claim.

In most cases, you are not required to report your offence after 5 years. Of course, when you are obtaining quotes they will ask if you have had any convictions in the last five years. If you looking for cheap insurance for convicted drivers then it is wise to tell the insurance company the truth the first time you talk to them or cheap will never be available again.

That’s the time to tell them. This means if you have a problem or your not talking to an insurance company that specialises in drunk driver insurance, it is probably a good idea to change companies unless they drop you.

Conclusion on Drunk Driver Insurance

Drinking and driving are something that is taken much more seriously than in years past. The penalties are stiffer, fines are higher and the insurance repercussions are many times severe.

“And it’s getting worse every single year and more people are being jailed. So please do not drink and drive again (if you did) because it wrecks people lives as well as your own.”

You may have trouble getting car insurance quotes under these circumstances, but if you use the specialized tool from Right Price Insurance you will find a company that will cover you for a better price.

Compare convicted driver insurance quotes here and we’ll get you cracking, cheap insurance for convicted drivers fast.