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Commercial Insurance & Office Insurance Liability Explained?

At Right Price Insurance, you can compare office insurance like office contents and buildings insurance for your small or large office? Maybe you need cover for employees or office liability insurance?

We’ve been helping businesses compare business insurance since 2005 and we’ve become very good at it.  We can help you find the best insurance for your business absolutely no problem at all.

office chairAll you have to do is fill in our live form that compares the whole market for you, hassle free and if you like the quote, which we know you will, then just go for it.

Your insurance policy covers all the standard contents in an office for their losses, theft or accidental damages. Along with standard office equipment, this policy also covers business interruptions, portable equipment, building and legal expenses incurred during claiming the damages through court. You can opt for a proper coverage for your office. 

What Covered?

Like all other insurance covers insurance for the office is also important for you as it protects your place of business along with its contents from all the damages caused due to lost by misplacement, theft or in an accident. This insurance cover helps you in bearing your losses calm heartedly.

You can easily face the unfortunate circumstances in the presence of an insurance cover for your office and its equipment. It will not only protect you in such situations but in the long run saves your money also. This means, once you have this insurance up in your sleeves, you can run your office without worrying about anything. 

office-insurance-policyWhy Choose Right Price Insurance?

Instant quotes to help you in comparing them with others coverage of non-standard items including visitors’ belongings and artwork like standard office equipment wide range of risk covers including all types of eventualities Interest-free premium payment options Tailor-made insurance policies as per the requirements of your business cover the wide range of businesses.

You can instantly get office insurance quote by clicking on ‘get quotes now’ button given on this page to compare them with the quotes of other insurance companies in the UK. We cover the wide range of businesses in the UK including solicitor firms, ticket agencies, and advertising agency offices etc. We allow you to shop around before buying an insurance cover for your business or office.

office-deskRange of businesses covered with an office policy

You should compare business insurance quotes with the quotes of other insurance companies in the UK before buying from us. The types of businesses covered under our insurance cover for offices include:

Commercial properties:

You may need office business insurance coverage if you have a commercial property to protect it from public liabilities, the cost of internal furniture and fixture or loss of rent in case of any accidental mishap. You can buy peace for your mind at such situations by buying our insurance cover for you commercial property.

Pubs and Cafe:

These are among the most accident-prone places where losses or damages can be caused due to lack of safety measures or health reasons etc. You can protect yourself by purchasing an insurance policy for the cafe, snack bar or pubs as it covers your business from the damages claimed by your customers or any other third party including your suppliers etc.

Hotels and restaurants:

You might be facing many stresses while running your hotel or restaurant but by purchasing our office business insurance policy for it, you can easily protect yourself from the stresses of the damages or losses claimed by your customers, employees, and suppliers etc. A wide range of policies offered by us allows you to choose one as per the requirement of your business. 


We also offer insurance cover for guest houses as there are many chances of damage and loss claims caused by frequent commutation of visitors. You can feel protected from the claims caused by a number of accidental events in your premises by purchasing this insurance cover. 

Doctors and surgeons:

Office business insurance cover is important for you if you run a surgery being a doctor, dentist or vet as it protects you from public liability, third party and accidental claims. You can easily concentrate on your surgery by allowing us to take all the strains borne by you in this regard. 


Whether you own a small shop, a supermarket or cloth store insurance for your office is the must for you to protect you from a number of chaotic conditions including third party and theft claims. You can buy a customized insurance cover from us as per your requirements.

You can use our free to use office policy comparison tool that compares business insurance from many companies at the same time. This could save you money but it will find you a good insurer, click here to start comparing commercial insurance for small or large offices.

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